Assistant Services

I offer specialized assistant services for both single entrepreneurs and small and mid-sized companies. I focus on projects around accounting, communications and marketing as well as organizing company events.

I have worked in versatile assistant positions for over 10 years, which has been natural for my kind of an organizer. Constant prioritizing, problem solving attitude and efficient working habits support my entrepreneurship – without forgetting the positive state of mind!

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Accounting Services

A monthly service with about 2-40 h/mth deal

Titles: Accounting Assistant, Payroll Assistant, CFO, Financial Assistant, Administrative Manager

Working mostly in between the CEO and the outsourced accountant taking care of

– purchase and sales invoices
– travel and expense claims
– reporting and Excel sheets
– preliminary payroll reporting
– preliminary accounting, helping the accountant

I also do my own company accounting by myself.

”Milla is an invaluable asset to any organization. She is structured, quick, and never misses to deliver on anything which gets sent her way. She consistently delivers high quality work in a timely fashion without requiring supervision. As a person, Milla is always close to a smile, positive and caring, and has contributed significantly to the positive atmosphere in the Zoined office.”
– Styrbjörn Torbacke, Managing Director, Zoined Oy


Organizing events

A monthly service or single project with about 10-100 h as total

Titles: Event Producer, Project Manager, Event Organizer, Event Assistant, Administrative Manager

As a naturally very organized person I love project management, planning the big picture and constant prioritizing of the open tasks. I have produced for example:

– client and company events (20-50 persons)
– staff parties (20-300 persons)
– company group trips (10-50 persons)
– courses and seminars (20-100 persons)

”Able to do miracles. That’s what I think Milla is. Milla jumped into my team at Dare to Learn 2017, to create first ever international learning event in Helsinki. She was running her own business simultaneously, and was responsible for our keynote program on Main Stage. Contacting international keynote speakers, interviewing, coaching and hosting them before and during the event, scheduling the keynote program – all this Milla accomplished with the greatest precision under extreme time pressure and uncertainty. In any position where initiative, precision and project management are needed, I recommend having Milla!”
– Akseli Huhtanen, Head of Program, Dare to Learn 2017

”Milla is a really skilled event management professional with bright attitude and excellent communication skills. She plans carefully and get things done delightfully independently but is always ready to adjust to the ever-changing conditions of event production. She is also super easy to work with – a person who brings in both calmness and cheer.”
– Anni Klutas, CEO, Dare to Learn 2017


Communications & Marketing Services

A monthly service or single project with about 2-10 h/mth

Titles: Marketing Assistant, Communications Assistant, Marketing Manager, Content Specialist, Web Developer, Writer

I have worked as a marketing assistant and supported company communications with

– updating websites
– planning and creating light websites (like my own)
– creating content (blog texts, web articles, interviews)
– proofreading and editing texts, visualizing documents
– light translation work (FI <> EN)
– social media and email marketing

Marketing isn’t my core service, but I like to add it to my services when I’m already co-working with my clients with some other service.

”Milla worked as my assistant colleague four years and she graduated during that period. She entailed new, fresh ideas and working methods to our office. Milla is very self-imposed and preactive colleague. She is able to take care of the web development cases and she independently arranged events. She is very social and always in a good mood.”
– Sanna Hämäläinen, Executive Assistant, Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association


About Me

Born in 1988, BBA in 2012, founded my company in 2016

I get excited easily and love trying out new things and developing myself. I respect and my work is guided by humane values, well-being and sustainable development.

I’m naturally efficient, which was one of the main reasons I started as an entrepreneur in first place: I got frustrated in my day jobs when I had to create something to do if there wasn’t anything else on task list. I don’t want to wait or waste my time with useless tasks, I want to work efficiently and when I’m ready, I’m ready to either end the day or move on to other important tasks (I love prioritizing).

Moving on to other tasks is related to versatility. Instead of staying in just one role, I constantly desire new experiences, new things to learn. As an entrepreneur I don’t have to tie me down to one role, as I can do whatever I want! Now I feel like I know well enough the accounting role and event world, so next I’m expanding my marketing communications knowledge especially in visual sense.

The strong working experience I’ve gathered gives me a solid base. I’ve seen a lot, been in surprising and stressful situations and survived through them all with great reviews. In addition to the strength these experiences has given me, they have also taught me about the surroundings: I’ve seen many different ways to work, different working tools, cultures… On the other hand this gives me many different solutions to develop my clients’ ways, but it also teaches me to adapt to different habits.

In future I hope to find a balance between working life and home life. To keep myself enthusiastic and constantly developing with versatile tasks, but to prevent stress by balancing out with routines, close working communities and taking care of my well-being.

What my company colors tell about me:

Reliability, order, efficiency, calmness
Joy, enthusiasm, sincerity, warmth
Balance, well-being, naturalness

Pricing & Details

The pricing is based on the amount of hours the client wants to book from my calendar, and I can’t sell those hours then to anyone else.

The price goes from 35 €/h to 50 €/h +VAT, or contract based monthly/total pricing. For example if the agreed working hours are

– max 60 h/mth, price is 2100 €/mth
– max 12 h/mth, price is 540 €/mth
(these prices don’t include VAT)

I offer detailed hour reports on monthly basis and charge the service after each month. The service can be ended with one month notice.

Contact Me & Check the References

I work all over Helsinki metropolitan area,
I live in Hermanni, Helsinki, Finland.

Milla_artsyI can work as the client wishes: in their office or from home, with their devices or with my own (computer & phone). The client should, however, offer the needed programs and software.

Ask for an offer just for one project or for monthly service:


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