Työskentelen toiminimelläni asiantuntijayritys VALA Groupin talous- ja tapahtumavastaavana sekä yritysmatkoja järjestävän One Travels Consultingin tuottajana. Arvostan töissäni ja elämässä yleensäkin hyvinvointia, ihmisläheisiä toimintatapoja sekä kestävää kehitystä.

Milla worked as my assistant colleague four years and she graduated during that period. She entailed new, fresh ideas and working methods to our office. Milla is very self-imposed and preactive colleague. She is able to take care of the web development cases and she independently arranged events. She is very social and always in a good mood.

Sanna Hämäläinen, johdon assistentti, Öljy- ja biopolttoaineala ry

Milla is a really skilled event management professional with bright attitude and excellent communication skills. She plans carefully and get things done delightfully independently but is always ready to adjust to the ever-changing conditions of event production. She is also super easy to work with – a person who brings in both calmness and cheer.

Anni Klutas, CEO, Dare to Learn 2017